The Small Man


Documentary Short | CHINA | 2019 (Working in progress)

The first time I saw Yonghong, he was selling paper-cuts in an underground tunnel of one of the main subway stations in Beijing. He was sitting on the floor, dirty, exhausted and full of tears when I approached and asked about his life. 

He travelled from Xi'an to Beijing all alone seeking medical helps for his daughter, who shares the same disabilities with him. It was his forth year in Beijing and the forth year without a home. He spent the whole day in the tunnel of the subway, and at night, he would return to a basement of a small hotel, where he shared the space with three other street beggars. 

Six years after the first documentary being made, I was informed by a friend that he had opened a fancy shop in one of the most expensive tourist spot in Beijing. What had happened through all these years, is him still the same person I knew?